25 High Value Business lessons I learned from Gym

By Sampath | Growth Marketing

Jul 23

If there’s something that you can’t just ever stop, it’s learning (let’s talk about pizzas, later)

After 5+ years, I looked at my growing belly & decided to enroll into a gym close by, for obvious reasons; to slim down & stay fit.

I not only lost 11 lbs in the first 60 days, despite being a bit irregular and became more active but also learned a plenty of lessons during this period.

I work with a good number of Founders, helping businesses with Growth, closing deals etc., I started to connect the dots between what I learned at the gym with my business.

When dealing with new challenges:

– Procrastination is not an option if you are serious

– It’s always gonna be hard at the beginning, but you gotta keep going

– No pain, No Gain

– Not just the workout, but 360 degrees approach is a must

– Challenge yourself

– Consistency is the key

– The day you wanted to quit is the day you need to hustle more

– Breaks are a must but not for long

When dealing with Growth (Sales/Marketing):

– Without a trainer, journey is going to be really tough – You can crawl yourself towards winning, or you can jog your way

– Willing to shed some money if you are looking to grow

– You cannot do it all by your own

– Set a goal and reverse engineer

– Countdown and not up

When hiring a Consultant/Advisor/Marketer:

– Lot of free value up front by the trainer

– Focus on a better you tomorrow than today

– Build a business you can be proud of

– Having an accountability partner

– Form a group but you gotta do the work you have to, to keep you fit

– Learn from gym buddies, not fight against – They are not your competitors. You are not competing with anyone, but you from yesterday

– One step at a time

– Keep a routine

– Take time out to talk to your customers – Stretching

– Follow up, like a Trainer

– Don’t upsell too many things at once

– Keep the proofs ready


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