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Mar 04

Create PPT easily like an expert to impress your clients / boss

By Sampath | Growth Hacking

I created this presentation in 5 minutes. Pure Magic!

I bought the deal & created this PPT:

Slidebean does way more than creating PPTs. What’s very special about it?

1. Slidebean helps you save at least 1-2 hours for every PPT you create. This is way more valuable than anything else for me

(I guess for you too)

2. Slidebean helps you look like a pro. With endless customization at every step of creating a PPT, you are going to make that first impression like a boss

3. Slidebean helps you save $100 (at least) for every presentation you create. I’ve worked with companies/people that charge at least $20/hr to create a PPT

4. Slidebean helps you improvise yourself, make you a better presenter

5. Slidebean contains great collection of icons, images, etc. to get you started

& much more

Back story:

I wanted to buy Slidebean right on the day Soft launch happened. I decided to wait to read some reviews first, although I liked the product a lot.

Like every sumo-ling here, I too witnessed a handful of letdowns by the Slidebean team:

* Slashing off $10 in exchange for lesser features
* Lack of response
* Customer support was not responding either
* Negative comments by fellow sumo-lingos
& so on

But, what did I do?

I liked the tool & wanted to have it. I knew this is too good of a deal to pass by.

I bought it & am 100% happy with my decision. Go for it, folks!

make more sales with existing customers
Dec 23

Customer Acquisition – 5 genius growth hacks to save your ad spend

By Sampath | Growth Hacking

Easily, Customer growth is one of the major challenges for any product/company. Acquiring new customers could be a challenging, and sometimes a daunting task for you.

Apart from pouring your time into marketing month after month, you will also have to spend a good amount of budget in paid ads.

Let’s do a little math here.

Say you’ve spent $30 on average, to acquire every customer who pays you $10/month, and you have brought in 1,000 of them.

Total amount spent $30 x 1,000 = $30,000
Your Monthly Revenue: $10 x 1,000 = $10,000

Before you are dreaming about making profits from 4th month, calculate other overhead costs: Server, Salary, Taxes, Rent, Telephone bills etc.

At this rate you are not going to have a profitable product/company; at least not for the first 18 – 24 months.

But again, you will have to spend $30 (or maybe more) to acquire every customer during those months.

Wait.. Whaaaat? But..

Relax. What if I tell you that you can make more business without having to spend on advertisements?

Running a business without ads & get more customers? YES, you heard that right.

Here is the Golden key: Focus on your existing customer base.

Leverage your Why focus on existing customers?

1. Upselling

2. Referral Marketing

3. Personalized offers & discounts (for annual / lifetime)

4. Affiliate Marketing

5. Cross promotion

3x business growth
Dec 02

5 things you need to leverage for 3x growth in your business

By Sampath | Growth Hacking

Growing your business all alone by yourself is not only going to make you worn out in short span but also bound to create a big mess up.

What if I tell you there are some secret hacks & how to pet them in best use to grow faster?

Would you implement them right away? Yes? Good for you. Keep reading..

When you combine ignorance and leverage, you get some pretty interesting results. - Warren Buffett Click To Tweet

1. Leverage Experience3x business growth

Leverage the intelligence of other people.

Reach out to the mentors, masterminds & influencers in your industry. They have years of experience, and probably way more than you.

What’s stopping you from reaching out to them, seeking to gain some knowledge?

Here’s a simple breakdown of how this works.

You are Mr. X with ten years of experience in your field, say Healthcare products.

You meet Mr. Y who is a Fitness trainer for seven years & then you meet Mr. Z, a mentor for a Pharma company with 25 years of experience.

By reaching out to them and get them talking to you, you are gaining knowledge from their 32 years of combined experience. This is going to open up new horizons for you, help you fetch ideas on scaling up your business / implement new marketing strategies / growing faster than ever.

You don’t have all the time in the world to learn only from your mistakes & grow.

“Learn from the mistakes of others. You can never live long enough to make them all yourself.” - Groucho Marx Click To Tweet

2. Leverage Focus

Give yourself a plenty of ‘me’ time. This will help you focus more on the things that require your attention.

Every Monday & Saturday I block out 4 hours in the afternoon to think. I work on most Saturdays

leverage your focus

Mondays are mostly about planning:

  • What are my top 3 priorities for the week?
  • Revising my to do plan for the week
  • Going through my “not to do” plan – Art of saying No helps you focus better

I spend Saturdays ‘me time’ on revising:

  • What did I achieve this week?
  • What are the distractions I faced & how to avoid them in the future?
  • Goals (that are aligned with my long-term plans) for next week

How does it help me?

This is how I come up with strategies. Strategies to identify what should be my focus to reach my goals, to find out ways that stop / divert me away, to figure out what my next move should be to make that giant leap.

The Recent result after I started leveraging focus: I talk less, work more.

Writing this blog is a sample of my work.

3. Leverage People

You are awesome at what you do, no second thought. But admit it, you can’t do everything by yourself.

If you don’t agree with that, either you are a DemiGod or you are lying. I am pretty sure you are not a DemiGod ‘coz I don’t see one in my list of subscribers.

leverage people experience

You wanna grow faster, don’t you? Work smarter then.

Working smarter means hiring talented people, and training them. Always hire people who are more talented than you, even if you are looking for only an assistant.

Worried about your new over-talented recruits jeopardizing you? Odds are 1 to 1 Bn. Not everyone is John Sculley to throw you out of your own company.

Training a talented guy for 1 hour could save you up to 5 hours a week. It means a week of training (40 hours) is going to save you a whole month, and training is just one time. Now, do the math yourself.

Always remember this: You are 80% talented, and you can improve the average only by hiring someone who is at least 82% talented & not 78%.

Leverage the experience of your new recruits to save your time, money. This will help you grow exponentially.

4. Leverage Website / Product

So you have built a great website or got a kick-ass product. Your business is doing well & you are relaxing on a beach. Good for you.

You are leaving plenty of room for that kid from the next block to beat you to the ground in the next 6 months. But how?

Growth is inevitable. Growth is mandatory & it doesn’t come easy. If you are not working for it, you are paving way for your competitors to grow over you. Would you like that? I bet not.

Your website / product needs to be tweaked, updated, added with new features as often as possible. But how do you know when to do it? Make use of the data you have in your hands.

How to leverage your website?

Remember, your website is a salesman that works for you without salary or any other perks. Make the best use of it by building it well equipped.

  • Offer more free goodies in return for the email id
  • Announce seasonal discounts – Publish it on your homepage
  • Introduce live chat (if you haven’t already) & be the first to ping them. Most customers are shy to ask what they want
  • Personalize your welcome message in the landing pages

When to leverage?

Today.. NOW. Here are a few things that work as indicators to identify the areas you should begin with:

  • Heatmaps – Watch out where your customers are spending most of their time before closing the window
  • Bounce rate – Look into your Analytics data & identify what makes them bounce away
  • Sign up / Subscription – See gradual decrease or very slow increase in the sign-up rate? You are probably offering something they don’t want. Find out the value you are offering

5. Leverage Customers

customer success growth

Do you overlook customer support as a cost incurring team? Change that thought.

If a good customer is worth $1,000/mo business, then a happy customer is worth well over $10,000/mo business.

There is a reason why modern day startups call their support as “Customer success team”. If you are offering support only when they ask for, change it today, NOW.

Reach out to your customers, including those who are in your Free plans at least twice a month.

Here are a few ideas for you to reach out. This works best when you contact them by e-mail:

  • Released a new feature or update? Tell them about it. Send another email a couple of weeks later, asking how they find it useful for their line of business
  • Send a survey once in a quarter inquiring how happy are they with your service
  • Ask if they would like any particular feature included / modified (once in a month

Got an idea? Show them you care for them, that you are there for your customers.

Be available everywhere: Email, Social Media, Phone.

That’s how you gain leverage on your customers and they will be more than happy to recommend your products over your competitors’.

What other practice do you follow for your business growth? Please drop it in the comments.

Would love to hear from you!

learn faster remember forever
Nov 13

11 steps to learn anything faster like a pro & remember forever

By Sampath | Personal Growth , Productivity

Despite thousands of differences between you and me, if we are going to agree with only a couple of things they would be:

  1. You cannot ever learn everything
  2. You need to learn to grow

Regardless of the activities, you are involved in your day to day life; you don’t stop learning.

Hate your day job because of your arrogant boss? Learn how he’s become the boss. There are at least 3-4 things you can learn from him. That’s how you become one.

Hate your job because it pays you too low? Learn, acquire a new skill that will help you get paid more. The more you learn, the more you master, the faster you grow.

Snipers invest a lot of time to master shooting (not talking about the head-shot here). They spend 3x amount of time to practice than learning it. That’s how they acquire the skill.

Now before you cry to me that you don’t have time, here is a secret.

What if I tell you that you can learn faster, way faster than you think you can? Let’s put you into the “Super fast learning” mode.

Why do you need to learn faster?

  1. You don’t have all the time in the world
  2. You want to get things done in time
  3. You can acquire more skills, faster than your peers & competitors
  4. You gain potential to exponentiate your growth
  5. You get more time to spend with your friends & family

Here is a quick example of how learning faster can help you doing your job better.

Task A takes 16 hours for you to complete. You start learning how to work smarter & after a week or two, you can complete job A within 12-14 hours. You save 2 hours for each task. Not bad, right?

Now I put you into “learn faster” mode, and after a couple of weeks, you can complete the same task within 8 – 10 hours, literally half the time. Too good to be true?

In fact, you can beat my predictions here by doing far better.

How to learn faster?

With an enormous amount of information available everywhere (blogs, ebooks, library, people) it is very easy to get attracted to shiny objects and leave your goal aside. So, take a pen & a piece of paper, write down what’s your goal.

I am going to help you achieve that goal by training you to learn faster. You will be able to mindmap as you read through.

Remember, you have the power to learn anything faster and remember them forever. Let’s go!

1. Your interest matters, always

You would be interested in a lot of things. But, to learn faster pick just one thing to start with.

By this, I am talking about your undivided attention.

Learn one thing at a time - If you chase two Rabbits, both will escape. Click To Tweet

If you ever need to learn 2 things simultaneously, see if you can

  • Tag them along – Eg: Create a Facebook ad + write a very good ad title
  • Identify which one gets priority & focus on that first
  • Find out what interests you more right now

Let’s keep going.

2. Start with learning what you need to know to get a task done

You have the potential to learn anything you desire, but one thing at a time. Break down your goals into simple objectives.

For example, you want to become a Social Media Analyst & be one of the top 10 in your country. Can you do it in a day? No.

  • Your goal should be: Establishing your presence in one network. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc.
  • Objectives should be: Identifying your target audience, finding right content to post, choosing best thumbnails to increase CTR & so on

3. Break complex learning into smaller parts

How do you eat an Elephant? One piece at a time. Click To Tweet

Say, you wanted to learn about SEO. First, break it down into:

  • On page SEO
  • Off page SEO

Treat the above two as Projects. Now, time to split your projects into tasks.

On page SEO

  • Keyword Research
  • LSI Keywords
  • Meta & Alt Tags
  • Sitemap, Robots
  • Rich content, snippets & so on

Off page SEO

  • Gaining backlinks via Outreach
  • Content repurposing
  • Web 2.0
  • PBN (I personally wouldn’t recommend it)

You got the drill, right? This is how you learn more, faster.

4. Practice as soon as you learned

Learned something new today? Good. Immediately practice what you’ve learned in different real-life scenarios before you move on to learn something else.

Example: Say you learned about finding the optimal timing to post on FB pages for the maximum reach.

Create multiple pages for various niches. Publish content across all those pages to figure out the optimal timing for each one of them.

Don’t rely only on experts’ words who say, “This is the best time to post. Do it.”

Remember, one size doesn’t fit for all.

5. Focus on the process

Do Your Duty, Don't Fret Over the Result - Lord Krishna, Mahabharata (an Indian Epic) Click To Tweet

While you’re implementing, don’t bother about the outcome. Focussing on the outcome will only ruin the process. Don’t do it.

You are going to make plenty of mistakes. Be willing to accept criticism. Take it as a part of your job.

Mistakes are a part of learning. It is only going to help you learn faster & remember forever.

You are born with natural talents. But unless you put those talents into work, you are not going to grow.

So, start implementing that one thing you have learned today!

6. Write down everything you learned

You are going to learn faster when you implement what you’ve read/watched. Make sure to note down every new finding you come up with.

When you learn faster, you learn a lot of things in short time. To remember all of them forever, it’s a must for your to write them down.

Go old school. Use pen & paper.

Your hand-eye coordination when you write down is going to tell your brain to memorize things, find a place to store in it.

7. Reward yourself when you complete a set of smaller tasks

Rewarding is a wonderful way to psychologically boost your self-esteem.

Every living being craves for an appreciation. Would you work harder if you are never going to get promoted? No!

After you finish the steps #2 to #6, reward yourself with a little everyday. Buy yourself a pack of tacos (Yeah, tacos are love), maybe.

8. Always learn from multiple sources

You’ve started learning what you needed to know. It’s very important to learn from multiple sources, given a large amount of data being uploaded on the web every day.

You are going to start implementing what you have learned. You definitely don’t want to try something that will get you banned or even worse, receive a notice for violating policies.

I first read about PBN Network / Link farming back in 2010. There was a super popular network called “Build My Rank” that offered PBN services, which helped lots of websites ranking faster.

learn from multiple sources

Build My Rank Pricing Page: Year 2011

Few of my friends were investing money on BMR network (BuildMyRank) like crazy, to rank their own websites and their clients’.

Google found a large number of websites ranking, in a totally unnatural way. They rolled out a series of algorithms to take away websites like BMR. Not only that, hundreds & thousands of websites that were practicing this method to rank got Blacklisted. Years & years of work gone overnight.

Note: You can still find plenty of PBN networks successful, but I wouldn’t recommend you taking that route.

9. Share what you learned

Let me ask you a question.

What’s one thing you remember the most? Your childhood memories or what you had for dinner 2 weeks back.

We both know it’s the former. Why? Because you shared it with your friends for years, and you’re going to remember it for another 50 years.

Leverage the power of sharing.

10. Stay Healthy

Drink 8-12 glasses of water every day. Keeping yourself hydrated would help you learn faster.

Dehydration is going to dry your brain & won’t let you remember anything.Unlearning doesn’t mean you have to forget all you’ve learned or not putting them into use.

Also, do some stretches every day to wake up your body. Next wake up your mind with 5 minutes of meditation.

11. Find yourself a hobby

“Seriously? But I hardly have time to learn new things.” If you could hear your inner you saying that, scroll all the way up to #1 and re-read.

Although learning what you are passionate about could never be boring, it’s good to take breaks and pick up a hobby.

It helps to rewire your brain to improve your concentration when you are at work.

Bonus hacks:

1. I use Blinkist to listen to one book every day. It’s a wonderful app that will summarize a book of 200+ pages & read it out for you. Always good to finish reading a book while you finish your jogging, right? :)

2. Fan of reading books? Sign up at Brain.Fm It helps you focus big time

Find any interesting hacks here? What other methods do you follow to learn faster?

Let me know in the comments below.

Nov 04

5 stupid beliefs you should avoid for Social Media Marketing

By Sampath | Internet Marketing , Social Media

  1. Never trust the timing – What works for others may not work for you: Target based on your niche, content, style, audience, country etc.
    But it will take a lot of time for you to figure out by yourself. So, here’s how you are gonna hack through it: Make use of all those data to test the water
  2. You don’t need ads to start with – Unless you wanna grow faster & figure out what you wanna do