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Customer Conversion & Success
Nov 01

12 deadly mistakes that could turn your (potential) customers away

By Sampath | Growth Hacking

Despite having state of the art design, your website still doesn’t convert well. Why is that?

  1. Showing the price Free and then asking them to pay upfront
  2. Asking for Credit Card details before signing up Free trial
  3. CTA button right on the face before audience digest the info
  4. Taking plenty of responsibilities, more than what you can handle
  5. Failing to encourage to take action
  6. Asking to pay a minimum for Free Trial – Ahrefs has discontinued after testing it for a few weeks
  7. Lack of or improper onboarding journey
  8. No personalization
  9. Not reaching out first
  10. Failing to keep yourselves up to date – Make use of the data
  11. Paying little to no attention towards customer success
  12. Lack of Social presence

Customer Conversion formula – Free Checklist for you

Oct 30

7 powerful tricks to sell more without being a Salesy

By Sampath | Growth Hacking , Sales

What’s your focus? ARR / MRR / Customer base?

Follow the guide accordingly

  1. KISS –
  2. Provide value, not sales letters
  3. Go for that extra mile – Customer Success is the key
  4. Listen to your audience – Ask for their feedback, ask them what they would like more, show them you care for them. Occasionally ask them to refer you (it’s ok, don’t shy about it)
  5. Reach out to the experts in your industry – Meet them at trade shows, conferences etc. and ask for their tips
  6. Market the results & not the features
  7. Increase the curiosity

competitor marketing strategy
Oct 30

How to do competitor analysis for successful marketing strategy

By Sampath | Growth Hacking , Growth Marketing

Competition makes the game interesting. Competition helps you grow faster, stronger. You get to push beyond your limits when the competition is healthy.

There is really a plenty of things you can learn from your competitors, which at times you may miss out. One of them is their marketing strategy.

Here is why you should spy on your competitors:

  • You’ve got an awesome product but not sure if you’ve got the right marketing strategy in place
  • Your business could leverage a huge leap when knowing what your competitors are doing
  • It’s completely legal

With that said, there are different types of marketing that you could adapt for your business. The one you can pick & follow is completely dependent on your nature of business and target audience.

Kind of feeling clueless here? Worry not.

Let’s dive deep into analyzing the strategies of various marketing approaches and by the time you finish reading, you will have figured out the best marketing strategy for your business.

Competitor Analysis for Marketing Strategy


Content Marketing

  • Look into their blog
  • Analyze their product, landing & sales pages
  • How frequently are they updating their website?

Email Marketing


  • Sign up to their email newsletter



  • Make use of the spying tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs etc to figure out the keywords they are targeting


PPC / Paid Ads

  • Look into their PPC campaigns – iSpionage, SEMrush — Identify the keywords they are bidding for & respective landing pages
  • Cost saving tip: Got a kick ass SEO team? Time to experiment your landing page by replicating your competitors’ design & try to rank it instead of running PPC campaigns.

Social Media

  • Follow their social profiles


Direct Marketing

  • Offline: Visit their stores at the trade shows, events, conferences they are participating

Growth Hacking

  1. How are they engaging with their audience? Chat, Cold emails, Outreach
  2. Are they running A/B tests etc?
  3. Keep an eye for their demographics data – Identify the regions they are trying to reach out to
  4. Watch for their offers & giveaways – How often they do it? How do they promote it?


Greyhat Hack: Are they offering a demo? Book one

personal growth - career or branding
Sep 11

5 super simple tips for a productive you [try this today]

By Sampath | Personal Growth

1. The first option is to DELETE it. If you have something on your plate, think about whether you need to do it, see if you can delete it.

2. If you cannot delete, then see if you can AUTOMATE it.

3. If you can’t automate, then think about OUTSOURCING it

4. If cannot outsource it, then DELEGATE it

5. If you cannot delegate then, DO IT YOURSELF.