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Jul 16

How I am utilizing my time, despite on calls 7 hrs a day?

By Sampath | Growth Hacking

1) Respond to short emails right away

Spam emails? Report. Not reading a few emails anymore? Unsubscribe. Long emails that are gonna take more than 10 minutes? They can wait between my calls

2) Qualify the products/people you speak to

3) You have to value your time more than anyone else

4) Always have a buffer time of 30 minutes for any call/meeting

If the product is a solid & needs my help, I use the buffer. If not, close it in 30 minutes max.

5) Allocate a particular set of time

I use BLAB

6) Follow up

I use a CRM.

7. Admit that you cannot do everything, and definitely not all by yourself.

generate more leads easily
Mar 04

Get more leads with same traffic using this simple hack

By Sampath | Growth Hacking , Product Reviews

What’s tougher? Getting more traffic or generating more leads? Definitely the latter.

More leads = More business

Ultimately we all want to convert the incoming traffic into leads. You want your visitors to take action, after reading through the content.

That’s the ultimate purpose anyway, right?

But only 20% to 30% of your readers read the whole article, out of which 0.2% – 0.5% possibly convert into a lead; the rest of the traffic just share your article (depends on how interesting your title is) or quit your website within first 5 seconds.

Again the chances of converting traffic into a lead accounts into a lot of factors – Placing the right lead magnet, authority of you & your website, targetted traffic & so on

Let’s do a simple math here:

  1. You receive 1,000 visits a day
  2. Only 200 of them is going to read the whole content
  3. Out of which you stand a chance of getting 2 to 10 leads (per article)

Doesn’t sound fair, right? I know the world is not fair.

What if you could use a secret Golden key to tap your traffic, convert most of them into leads?

Yeah, there exists a few of them and I’m introducing one to you today, in this post.


“Who wants to be a Millionaire?” – Easily, one of the most popular shows in US till date.

ask questions to collect leads

Reason: People love being asked. The more (matching) questions you ask, more they get glued to you.

So, why not put

CTA: Download this checklist to get more qualified leads

Mar 04

How to get SEO clients? I won 2 new clients in 7 days

By Sampath | Growth Hacking

Here’s my analysis:

1. SERPStat vs SEMRush – Loaded with most features (plus a few more) from SEMrush, this tool appears to be awesome. SERPstat provides you Google & Yandex VS SEMRush offers Google & Bing. The latter offers a lot more Search Engines/Countries though

Note: SEMrush is in the business for decades

2. Keyword Research – This is awesome with individual modules for SEO, PPC & Content Marketing

3. Site Audit – Better than most site audit tool I’ve used. With loading speed & redirects analysis, this is a complete suite. Good job there, folks!

4. Backlink Analysis – Gets close to what SEMrush/Ahrefs is offering. Good enough for 99% of the Intermediate & Advanced SEO analysts

5. Competitor Analysis – I am a guy who runs down deep to dig competitors’ data & I love what I see in there: URL vs URL is my personal favorite

& many more.

Mar 04

Create PPT easily like an expert to impress your clients / boss

By Sampath | Growth Hacking

I created this presentation in 5 minutes. Pure Magic!

I bought the deal & created this PPT:

Slidebean does way more than creating PPTs. What’s very special about it?

1. Slidebean helps you save at least 1-2 hours for every PPT you create. This is way more valuable than anything else for me

(I guess for you too)

2. Slidebean helps you look like a pro. With endless customization at every step of creating a PPT, you are going to make that first impression like a boss

3. Slidebean helps you save $100 (at least) for every presentation you create. I’ve worked with companies/people that charge at least $20/hr to create a PPT

4. Slidebean helps you improvise yourself, make you a better presenter

5. Slidebean contains great collection of icons, images, etc. to get you started

& much more

Back story:

I wanted to buy Slidebean right on the day Soft launch happened. I decided to wait to read some reviews first, although I liked the product a lot.

Like every sumo-ling here, I too witnessed a handful of letdowns by the Slidebean team:

* Slashing off $10 in exchange for lesser features
* Lack of response
* Customer support was not responding either
* Negative comments by fellow sumo-lingos
& so on

But, what did I do?

I liked the tool & wanted to have it. I knew this is too good of a deal to pass by.

I bought it & am 100% happy with my decision. Go for it, folks!

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