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Aug 29

How to sell better online? [Your website is the Golden key]

By Sampath | Case Studies , Growth Hacking

* Writing content – Talk about the product later in the content & not so early
* Talk to your sales team before writing the content
Nearly 95% of buyers go ahead if the buying process is navigated stage by stage – Have more web pages providing more value to the content & for the buyer – Ensure this is mobile optimized too.
1. At least do five follow-ups
2. Respond ASAP (within minutes)
3. 60% would most likely buy after three months & 20% maybe in 6 months to one year
4. Up to 3 to 7 people are involved in buying decisions
5. Go for more stories with some statistics. 65% remember stories & 15% remember stats
6. Use more visuals in the PPTs
7. Tell stories that explain how the solution solves problems
8. Organize webinars/events through emails & cold calling
9. Best time for Emails – 8 am & 3 pm; Open rate – Tuesdays; Best word – Free
10. Grab the attention within first 10 to 15 words, as they are opened on mobile mostly
11. Try the sense of urgency & exclusivity – Make the reader feel special. Words like alert, breaking perform well for B2B
12.  Subject lines with 3 to 5 words
13. Call scheduling – Wed & Thu – 6.45 to 9am & 4 to 6pm
14. It’s ok to ask for referrals
15. Social Media has 100% higher qualified leads rate than Outbound marketing, especially LinkedIn
16. Content is highly important as 80% of the buyers view at least 5 articles (Case Studies, Success stories etc.) before signing up &nearly 60% of the sales is done here
17. Use landing pages to grab sales leads
18. Automate more to keep the human interaction minimal – Nearly 80% of the buyer interaction with the companies will be without human by 2020
19. Go well prepared for your First Sales meeting, which converts 57%
20. Validate the business leads before passing on to the sales


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