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Jul 23

25 High Value Business lessons I learned from Gym

By Sampath | Growth Marketing

If there’s something that you can’t just ever stop, it’s learning (let’s talk about pizzas, later)

After 5+ years, I looked at my growing belly & decided to enroll into a gym close by, for obvious reasons; to slim down & stay fit.

I not only lost 11 lbs in the first 60 days, despite being a bit irregular and became more active but also learned a plenty of lessons during this period.

I work with a good number of Founders, helping businesses with Growth, closing deals etc., I started to connect the dots between what I learned at the gym with my business.

When dealing with new challenges:

– Procrastination is not an option if you are serious

– It’s always gonna be hard at the beginning, but you gotta keep going

– No pain, No Gain

– Not just the workout, but 360 degrees approach is a must

– Challenge yourself

– Consistency is the key

– The day you wanted to quit is the day you need to hustle more

– Breaks are a must but not for long

When dealing with Growth (Sales/Marketing):

– Without a trainer, journey is going to be really tough – You can crawl yourself towards winning, or you can jog your way

– Willing to shed some money if you are looking to grow

– You cannot do it all by your own

– Set a goal and reverse engineer

– Countdown and not up

When hiring a Consultant/Advisor/Marketer:

– Lot of free value up front by the trainer

– Focus on a better you tomorrow than today

– Build a business you can be proud of

– Having an accountability partner

– Form a group but you gotta do the work you have to, to keep you fit

– Learn from gym buddies, not fight against – They are not your competitors. You are not competing with anyone, but you from yesterday

– One step at a time

– Keep a routine

– Take time out to talk to your customers – Stretching

– Follow up, like a Trainer

– Don’t upsell too many things at once

– Keep the proofs ready


competitor marketing strategy
Oct 30

How to do competitor analysis for successful marketing strategy

By Sampath | Growth Hacking , Growth Marketing

Competition makes the game interesting. Competition helps you grow faster, stronger. You get to push beyond your limits when the competition is healthy.

There is really a plenty of things you can learn from your competitors, which at times you may miss out. One of them is their marketing strategy.

Here is why you should spy on your competitors:

  • You’ve got an awesome product but not sure if you’ve got the right marketing strategy in place
  • Your business could leverage a huge leap when knowing what your competitors are doing
  • It’s completely legal

With that said, there are different types of marketing that you could adapt for your business. The one you can pick & follow is completely dependent on your nature of business and target audience.

Kind of feeling clueless here? Worry not.

Let’s dive deep into analyzing the strategies of various marketing approaches and by the time you finish reading, you will have figured out the best marketing strategy for your business.

Competitor Analysis for Marketing Strategy


Content Marketing

  • Look into their blog
  • Analyze their product, landing & sales pages
  • How frequently are they updating their website?

Email Marketing


  • Sign up to their email newsletter



  • Make use of the spying tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs etc to figure out the keywords they are targeting


PPC / Paid Ads

  • Look into their PPC campaigns – iSpionage, SEMrush — Identify the keywords they are bidding for & respective landing pages
  • Cost saving tip: Got a kick ass SEO team? Time to experiment your landing page by replicating your competitors’ design & try to rank it instead of running PPC campaigns.

Social Media

  • Follow their social profiles


Direct Marketing

  • Offline: Visit their stores at the trade shows, events, conferences they are participating

Growth Hacking

  1. How are they engaging with their audience? Chat, Cold emails, Outreach
  2. Are they running A/B tests etc?
  3. Keep an eye for their demographics data – Identify the regions they are trying to reach out to
  4. Watch for their offers & giveaways – How often they do it? How do they promote it?


Greyhat Hack: Are they offering a demo? Book one