Create PPT easily like an expert to impress your clients / boss

By Sampath | Growth Hacking

Mar 04

I created this presentation in 5 minutes. Pure Magic!

I bought the deal & created this PPT:

Slidebean does way more than creating PPTs. What’s very special about it?

1. Slidebean helps you save at least 1-2 hours for every PPT you create. This is way more valuable than anything else for me

(I guess for you too)

2. Slidebean helps you look like a pro. With endless customization at every step of creating a PPT, you are going to make that first impression like a boss

3. Slidebean helps you save $100 (at least) for every presentation you create. I’ve worked with companies/people that charge at least $20/hr to create a PPT

4. Slidebean helps you improvise yourself, make you a better presenter

5. Slidebean contains great collection of icons, images, etc. to get you started

& much more

Back story:

I wanted to buy Slidebean right on the day Soft launch happened. I decided to wait to read some reviews first, although I liked the product a lot.

Like every sumo-ling here, I too witnessed a handful of letdowns by the Slidebean team:

* Slashing off $10 in exchange for lesser features
* Lack of response
* Customer support was not responding either
* Negative comments by fellow sumo-lingos
& so on

But, what did I do?

I liked the tool & wanted to have it. I knew this is too good of a deal to pass by.

I bought it & am 100% happy with my decision. Go for it, folks!

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