Customer Acquisition – 5 genius growth hacks to save your ad spend

By Sampath | Growth Hacking

Dec 23
make more sales with existing customers

Easily, Customer growth is one of the major challenges for any product/company. Acquiring new customers could be a challenging, and sometimes a daunting task for you.

Apart from pouring your time into marketing month after month, you will also have to spend a good amount of budget in paid ads.

Let’s do a little math here.

Say you’ve spent $30 on average, to acquire every customer who pays you $10/month, and you have brought in 1,000 of them.

Total amount spent $30 x 1,000 = $30,000
Your Monthly Revenue: $10 x 1,000 = $10,000

Before you are dreaming about making profits from 4th month, calculate other overhead costs: Server, Salary, Taxes, Rent, Telephone bills etc.

At this rate you are not going to have a profitable product/company; at least not for the first 18 – 24 months.

But again, you will have to spend $30 (or maybe more) to acquire every customer during those months.

Wait.. Whaaaat? But..

Relax. What if I tell you that you can make more business without having to spend on advertisements?

Running a business without ads & get more customers? YES, you heard that right.

Here is the Golden key: Focus on your existing customer base.

Leverage your Why focus on existing customers?

1. Upselling

2. Referral Marketing

3. Personalized offers & discounts (for annual / lifetime)

4. Affiliate Marketing

5. Cross promotion

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