How I am utilizing my time, despite on calls 7 hrs a day?

By Sampath | Growth Hacking

Jul 16

1) Respond to short emails right away

Spam emails? Report. Not reading a few emails anymore? Unsubscribe. Long emails that are gonna take more than 10 minutes? They can wait between my calls

2) Qualify the products/people you speak to

3) You have to value your time more than anyone else

4) Always have a buffer time of 30 minutes for any call/meeting

If the product is a solid & needs my help, I use the buffer. If not, close it in 30 minutes max.

5) Allocate a particular set of time

I use BLAB

6) Follow up

I use a CRM.

7. Admit that you cannot do everything, and definitely not all by yourself.

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